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January 25, 2013
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TGB: Sanguis by trinnnn TGB: Sanguis by trinnnn
:icontgb-shadowtribe: :iconthe-golden-butterfly: :icontgb-shadowtribe:
Yes his tattoo is indeed flippin u off. f u

09/29 Updated Ref for age-up
06/22 Updated Ref for next age-up, kept pose mostly the same because I'm lazy lMFAO he's still 9 moons until July tho!!
05/07 Updated Ref because of age-up ´°´


NAME Sanguis
KITNAME Freckles
AGE 15 Moons
BREED OKAPI??? x Chaussie/Junglecat
Sanguis is below average size for a tom. As much as he would prefer to be edgy and slim like his father, who he shares his eyes and pelt color with, his build is short and round. His legs are sturdy and rather long, ending in awkwardly big paws. His tail is thin, and will probably stay rather short. Hitting adolescence, Sanguis fur fluffed up at some parts of his body. It becomes more and more apparent that his build comes after Tzurai's.


funloving / ambitious / courageous / surprisingly caring

FUNLOVING Fun is awesome. Who doesn't like fun? Certainly not Sanguis. He's always up for things he dubs fun, not really caring about danger or consequence. He'll always accept invitations to brawls, games or hunting, even when they come from strangers. Sanguis is easily bored, and is thusly always on the lookout for things to pass time with. He'd rather avoid bothersome activities and his chores to do something more compelling.

AMBITIOUS Everything Sanguis does (which, uhh, isn't a whole lot.) he does it thoroughly. He strives to be the best, having high expectations in not only himself, but also others. He pushes himself to improve constantly, not leaving failure as an option (especially after boasting around in front of others. cough.). He promised to be the best warrior, so being put into the Mineral Collector position damaged his ego greatly. He often trains his combat skills after his usual chores, still trying to pursue that very promise.

COURAGEOUS May it be stupidity or just the lack of giving a shit, the tom never backs down before anyone, adamantly standing his ground. There are little things that intimidate him. This usually proves to be to his disadvantage, as he doesn't know when to stop cruising for a bruising. It's hard to call it courage, really. It's usually just him being a cocky shit and getting himself into trouble. Should a situation ever call for courage, Sanguis will not falter though.

SURPRISINGLY CARING It is indeed surprising that a self-centered little brat like him cares about things, let alone other cats. But it's a fact: Sanguis cares deeply about cats he's close with. The young tom would never admit it openly... But instead care for friends and family in secret, making sure they're safe and sound. He'd fight for them to the death if he had to. When confronted with the fact, he'd just shrug it off, saying things like he couldn't watch the pathetic display any longer or that it wasn't for their sake or anything!!

other notable positive traits: forms an opinion on cats based on their actions, not on stories told by other cats, strong opinions

impulsive / quick-tempered / rude / lazy / self-centered

IMPULSIVE Sanguis acts on a whim. Little things can make him feel like doing stupid things, getting into trouble and/or fights. He's rather influenced by emotions than rational thoughts and will behave accordingly. It's not that he acts completely unpredictably or irrationally, but he'd rather act first and face consequences as they come up than consider them beforehand. Needless to say that this usually ends up biting him in the ass.

QUICK-TEMPERED The young tom is very easy to set off. Small taunts are enough to make him engage a fight, depending on the situation if it's verbally or physically. He's not taking shit from anyone, and will will definitely let you know so. Usually he's more prone to mouthing someone off than let his claws speak, only jumping into a fight when his words absolutely fail to have any effect. Making fun of his insecurities (eg his size ahuehue) or antagonizing friends is sure to set him off quickly, should you feel like getting on his bad side. Another trait of Sanguis' that just asks for trouble.

RUDE He doesn't think much when he's talking, resulting in a language filled with profanity and clumisly chosen words. It might or might not be with malicious intent, but he will bluntly state everything that comes to his mind.

LAZY Not really a contradiction - Sanguis doesn't do a whole lot. He prefers to only do the things he wants to and rather slacks off on his duties. His ambitiousness only reaches as far as his interests do. If he doesn't care about things, he refuses to do anything for them.

SELF-CENTERED His whole act has a single purpose: Maintaining his facade. Sanguis mainly cares for himself, including the image he has in front of other cats. As highly as he might seem to think of himself, his confidence is actually pretty low. He doesn't like getting too close to others, as that could result in having them see his less confident, mellow side.

other notable negative traits: boasts a lot, potty-mouth, talks a lot, holds grudges


Freckles was born into Fire Tribe. His mother is the Silver-Fire Tzurai, his father Nobuo, a Green-Water, but Fire-Triber nonetheless. During his time in the nursery, it was quickly established that he was one of the trouble makers. His interaction with the other kits were rather short. Exploring was mostly limited to Fire Tribe camp, despite him being a daredevil. He once ventured outside camp though, having a little adventure with Cerul, son of Eva and Sullivan, whose litter shared the nursery with Freckles and his sibilngs.

At 6 moons of age, he was claimed by the Shadow Spirit and obtained his true name - Sanguis. He joined their ranks, becoming a Mineral Collector. Sanguis, who had promised his worrying family that he would become a great warrior, took much dismay to that.


Is this a Name?;


PARENTS Nobuo x Tzurai
LITTERMATES Iris; Akarui; Coud; Nuri
FIRST LITTER Maika; Warrun



:bulletorange: Occupation: Mineral Collector Apprentice
:bulletorange: If you can count all of his freckles I will build you a pyramid (sy why)
:bulletorange: "Voiceactor": Yuri Lowenthal


A drawn out sigh broke the silence that had stretched out for quite a while. "I'm so bored..." the little dog whined, sprawling out on the couch. Toulouse disliked it greatly when his owner didn't pay him attention 24/7, thus he had been pouting the whole day. Why did his owner have to clean the house so thoroughly? They barely had any visitors anyway. The toy poodle sighed again, following it up by a growl. The young man peaked into the room, shaking his head at the disgruntled dog. He had listened to his complaints for hours now and didn't quite know if he should be annoyed or amused. He also didn’t know why he didn’t just put him on Sleep-mode. It probably just never crossed his mind. It was his turn to release a sigh. "I know. We'll leave in a bit, calm down." he mused. Toulouse merely snorted and rolled around, giving him the cold shoulder. Shrugging, he went back to the kitchen.

Kouichi threw the used washcloth in the sink. There had not been much to clean, but he was rather slow in the things he did, so it still took him quite a while to finish. Much to Toulouses dismay. He was finally done now, though, ready to save the pouting dog from his boredom. "I'm done. We can leave now." He entered the living room, grabbing his jacket from the couch. The Allmate jumped up, running around his owner excitedly. "About time!" he barked. He opened the door while slipping into his jacket. Toulouse dashed ahead. Kouichi was about to head towards the team's hangout, to maybe find some of his friends. But that didn't seem to be necessary - He spotted Satomi not too far off from his house. A smile spread across his face as he approached her. "Hello, Satomi." he greeted her. “C-could it be you’re looking... for me?” He averted his gaze for a second. He tried everytime - coaxing out affection from her. As fruitless as that effort usually was, he was stupid enough to do it every diddly damn time anyway.
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